The Hall - Daily Routine

9.15am Staff call register, children then go into the Harris Room and put their photo up on the board. We then sing our welcoming hello song.

9.25am Free flow – Children can self-select from a wide range of activities available both inside or out in the garden.

10am Snack time – Children go and wash their hands and go and find their snack box, name card and pour themselves a drink of milk or water.

10.30am Outside Play / Free Flow – Children can continue to play inside or explore all the activities the garden.

11.50am Tidy up time – The tambourine shakes and the children are encourages to help pack away.

12pm Circle Time – The children are asked if they would like stories, songs and games.

12.15pm Home time – Children are called out one at a time to be collected by parents in the main hall.
Ofsted Register Pre-School
Special Educational Needs or Disabilities